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Why Does Social Media Marketing Matter?

social-media-is-a-community-effort-everyone-is-an-assetI know, I know. You hate tweeting. Updating your Facebook page has become a chore (unless it’s a picture of a cat getting a bath with a shower cap on – I can’t get enough of those). Your LinkedIn page is kind of a mess so you’ve just let it go. And let’s not get started on Instagram and Pinterest.

But now, more than ever, social media marketing is a MUST for your business. Let me tell you why.

With most businesses, the goal is to direct people to your website where customers can sign up, purchase, or generally get more information about what you do. And as you know, because most of us are lazy, if you’re not on at least the first couple of pages of a Google search (ideally the first page), you’re not going to be found.

Here’s the Key.

Google LOVES social media. Why? Because social media icons on your website are reliable live links. And the only thing Google loves more than social media are quality links that lead to outside resources. The more active you are, the higher you rise in the ranks. It’s that simple. AND that difficult.

It’s all about traffic.

Posting Icons Isn’t Enough.

Well, great. You’ve got the icons on the website. You’re set, right?


In order to increase traffic, those social media accounts need to be active. You need to be tweeting as much as possible. You need to be posting things to your business Facebook page that people like and share. LinkedIn is important so that other professionals know that you are the expert they’re looking for.

How We Can Help.

You may know the content you want to post, but don’t have time to do it. Maybe you DON’T have the content and need assistance from the ground up. Social Seed Marketing will look at your company’s specific needs and encourage you to either research content from outside sources to increase your traffic or find those pieces for you. We will look at your blog content and find the best way to “sell it” through the various social media channels.

We will make your posts engaging, eye-catching and sharable, increasing your brand awareness and selling your product.

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