Catherine Tidd is a bestselling author (Confessions of a Mediocre Widow) and marketing expert who has assisted businesses of all sizes in customized marketing campaigns to boost visibility and increase traffic through blogs, articles, newsletters, graphics, and social media.

Throughout the years, Catherine has not only worked with small businesses and large corporations, but also an Inc Magazine Fast 500 list of fastest-growing privately held companies in America.

Catherine has not only seen success with her clients but also through her own organic growth, reaching 400,000 hits per month on her social media pages through creative and innovative marketing. Catherine creates original and engaging campaigns designed for the individual audience her clients are targeting.

In short: your success is her success.


Sullivan Financial Logo_smallSullivan Financial Planning has been an exciting company to work with. Its owner, Kristi Sullivan, is open to creative ideas and we often brainstorm together about what will get the attention of her audience. Social Seed Marketing carefully watches her analytics and uses that to help Kristi create content that will increase engagement. Within the first month of working with Kristi, we saw an 800% increase in her Facebook page visits and a 1,075% increase in engagement. As a result of these social media efforts, Kristi is often quoted in The Chicago Tribune, CNBC.com, and Forbes.


logoWellspring Divorce Advisors offers the creative options, financial analysis and strategies necessary to ensure its clients obtain the most financially advantageous settlement possible. Social Seed Marketing assists Wellspring with their social media outreach to not only engage new clients, but other business partners as well. Our focus also includes improving the company’s SEO through their blogs and increasing overall traffic to their website.



intentionaladvisorThe Intentional Advisor is the brain child of Lucila Williams of Lotus Financial Partners. This business has been created to assist independent financial planners with their efforts to create a quality financial planning practice. Social Seed Marketing has assisted Lucila with changing her existing website into one that has better SEO and concentrates on her specific marketing efforts to engage a specific audience for her business.


Outskirts Press_logo_white_facebookAs a consultant for Outskirts Press, Catherine not only reviewed manuscripts for self-publishing authors, but also assisted with the company’s marketing efforts. Her focus was to create engaging graphics that would inspire conversation through social media. Catherine also write blogs, created mass-marketing emails, press releases, and searched for original content that might be helpful in grabbing the attention of the company’s audience.




new_logo-5With The Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas, Catherine writes articles that vary from product, event, and recreational reviews to posts about parenting and life in general. Some of the most popular have been about how automated restrooms scare her, school-sanctioned bullying, and living life as a single parent. Her first post with Mile High Mamas was picked up by The Today Show. Others have been featured in The Denver Post and on 7 News.


widowchick avatarThe Widow Chick blog was one that Catherine began in 2010 and her first attempt at creating a brand. This blog focuses on grief and widowhood and its success was completely created by word-of-mouth. Within a year, these blog posts and the Widow Chick Facebook page were receiving over 400,000 views a month and eventually captured the attention of literary agent and publicist Erin Cox with Rob Weisbach Creative Management. Posts on this Facebook page still receive an average of 10,000 views per post.


coverConfessions of a Mediocre Widow was published in 2014 through Sourcebooks and was well-reviewed by many major publications, including Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. Because of Catherine’s ability to market herself and create a brand, she was able to not only sign with an agent, but also receive a contract for her memoir. And while she did have a publicist who assisted with marketing, Catherine worked diligently on marketing herself as well. Radio interviews, podcasts, live interviews with The Huffington Post, newspaper articles, book signings across the country and the international fan-base that she created on her own led to the success of Confessions, which is still actively selling today.




The Yes, You’re Crazy blog began in 2015 and six months later went viral with over 1.5 million views in one week, attracting an international audience.  This blog is marketed through separate social media accounts, including Catherine’s author page and Twitter feed.



“Trusting Catherine with my social media and marketing was the best business move I could have made. Within the first week I saw engagement on my social media accounts and through my newsletter increase by over 200%. I’m so grateful for her attention to detail and how she takes my success so personally. She really does want the best for my company.”

– Kristi Sullivan

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